Racing September

by William DeSeta

Posted: Nov 15, 2012

Racing September by William DeSetaIn the lives of the fortunate, there is a period of time or a series of events that alter their perspective enough to expose them to the possibilities available in a world without limits. For teenager Danny Cerutti it was the summer of 1953, a time when teen-aged sex was non-existent and people lived out their lives in boring, self-proscribed boxes.

Danny Cerutti had grown up just across the Hudson River from New York. A tragic accident at his summer job leads him to a new job in Greenwich Village's Eighth Street Bookshop, gathering-place of the Beats, where his new friends have a decidedly different view of life.

His passionate affair with Kitty, a delicate and dazzling "older woman", is cut short when she accepts a Hollywood movie offer. Unwilling to let her slip away, he hitchhikes across the country, encountering an eclectic array of bizarre characters and discovering that there are more ways to live a life than ever was conceived in suburban Englewood.