The Curtain Falls and Other Stories

by David Wesley Hill

Posted: Apr 15, 2013

The Curtain Falls, by David Wesley HillTwelve award winning science fiction and fantasy stories from internationally acclaimed author David Wesley Hill.

Burying Marmee
"At turns charmingly naive and darkly wry, with the soft pastel glow of Jack Vance suffusing all. "—Editor's Choice, SF Site

Far From Laredo
"A short, colorful story with the distinctive flavor of the tall tales from the Old West."—SF Site

The Good Sheriff
"David Wesley Hill has his tongue buried firmly in his cheek with these over-the-top escapades, while striking just the right tone with the cleverly wrought misadventures he puts his reluctant hero through."—Tangent On-line

SQ 389
"This futuristic police procedural is taut and tense... "—SPECUSPHERE

"Editor's aren't supposed to have favorites—or we're not supposed to admit to favorites, anyway. So I'll temper what I wanted to say and just say this: I published two short stories by David Wesley Hill in Black Gate, and they were both so brilliant and unusual that I considered renaming the magazine David W. Hill's Magazine of Fantasy."—John O'Niell, Black Gate