A Woman of Particular Desires

an erotic thriller by Deidre Warren

Posted: Feb 14, 2015

A Woman of Particular DesiresThere is a passion that crosses all lines and limits ...

A beautiful young woman is dead. Her body, naked except for a pair of thigh-high black boots, hangs from the ceiling of her Greenwich Village apartment. In life she was drawn to celebrity artists, dark thrills, and forbidden pleasures, a hunger that NYPD detectives believe led to her self-imposed, possibly accidental demise.

But reporter Cass McCray is not willing to accept that her former friend's death was a suicide or the tragic result of a sex game that went too far—and her investigation is leading the determined journalist deep into a secret world nestled in the shadows of the downtown New York City art scene. Here, where sexual submission is graphically celebrated and pain is fine art that sells for millions, Cass will discover a side of herself she never knew existed. Fearing the need yet unable to resist it, she gives herself willingly to photographer Mike Chernak, who will be her guide through a sexual playground of the creative and powerful. But surrendering to her curiosity—and to something far greater—could prove to be a most dangerous game for Cass McCray, as it pushes her to the erotic edge ... and over it.

The Love You Make

by David Wesley Hill

Posted: Apr 17, 2014

The Love You Make, by David Wesley HillThese aliens were on a joy ride ...

Harriet wasn't frightened by the close encounter—at least, honestly, not very much—because she had seen it all before in the movies and on television: the blinding lights in the sky stabbing down toward her car, the problems with the ignition, the headlights, and the other electrical circuitry. The trembling of the earth beneath her tires, the feeling that what she was experiencing was all a dream. Even though, of course, it wasn't.

What did surprise her was that, after the whole passé rigmarole was over, she hadn't been abducted. No alien implants, no pointless medical experimentation, no bizarre attempts at communication. The only departure from script—the only thing out of the ordinary—was that, as the ship rose into the night sky on pillars of blue light, one bright beam pointed to the asphalt in front of her Toyota, calling her attention to a small metallic object that had evidently been deposited there just for her.

The Curtain Falls and Other Stories

by David Wesley Hill

Posted: Apr 15, 2013

The Curtain Falls, by David Wesley HillTwelve award winning science fiction and fantasy stories from internationally acclaimed author David Wesley Hill.

Burying Marmee
"At turns charmingly naive and darkly wry, with the soft pastel glow of Jack Vance suffusing all. "—Editor's Choice, SF Site

Far From Laredo
"A short, colorful story with the distinctive flavor of the tall tales from the Old West."—SF Site

The Good Sheriff
"David Wesley Hill has his tongue buried firmly in his cheek with these over-the-top escapades, while striking just the right tone with the cleverly wrought misadventures he puts his reluctant hero through."—Tangent On-line

SQ 389
"This futuristic police procedural is taut and tense... "—SPECUSPHERE

"Editor's aren't supposed to have favorites—or we're not supposed to admit to favorites, anyway. So I'll temper what I wanted to say and just say this: I published two short stories by David Wesley Hill in Black Gate, and they were both so brilliant and unusual that I considered renaming the magazine David W. Hill's Magazine of Fantasy."—John O'Niell, Black Gate

Racing September

by William DeSeta

Posted: Nov 15, 2012

Racing September by William DeSetaIn the lives of the fortunate, there is a period of time or a series of events that alter their perspective enough to expose them to the possibilities available in a world without limits. For teenager Danny Cerutti it was the summer of 1953, a time when teen-aged sex was non-existent and people lived out their lives in boring, self-proscribed boxes.

Danny Cerutti had grown up just across the Hudson River from New York. A tragic accident at his summer job leads him to a new job in Greenwich Village's Eighth Street Bookshop, gathering-place of the Beats, where his new friends have a decidedly different view of life.

His passionate affair with Kitty, a delicate and dazzling "older woman", is cut short when she accepts a Hollywood movie offer. Unwilling to let her slip away, he hitchhikes across the country, encountering an eclectic array of bizarre characters and discovering that there are more ways to live a life than ever was conceived in suburban Englewood.

At Drake's Command

The Adventures of Peregrine James During the Second Circumnavigation of the World

Posted: Nov 15, 2012

At Drake's Command by David Wesley HillIt was as fine a day to be whipped as any he'd ever seen but the good weather didn't make Peregrine James any happier with the situation he was in. Unfairly convicted of a crime he had not committed, the young cook was strung from the whipping post on the Plymouth quayside when he caught the eye of the charismatic sea captain Francis Drake, who agreed to accept Perry among his crew despite the stripes of a thief on his back.

Soon England was receding in their wake and Perry was serving an unsavory collection of sea dogs as the small fleet of fragile wood ships sailed across the deep brine. Their destination was secret, known to Drake alone. Few sailors believed the public avowal that the expedition was headed for Alexandria to trade in currants. Some men suspected Drake planned a raid across Panama to attack the Spanish in the Pacific. Others were sure the real plan was to round the Cape of Storms to break the Portuguese monopoly of the spice trade. The only thing Perry knew for certain was that they were bound for danger and that he must live by his wits if he were to survive serving at Drake's command.

"Hill is in good company with C.S. Forester and Patrick O'Brian." —Los Angeles Maritime Museum Library

"At Drake's Command, by David Wesley Hill, is a godsend to readers ..." —Awesome Indies

"You'll be planning your day around the next opportunity to pick it up again and devour its 424 pages." —The Literate Man

"I highly recommend it." —Historic Naval Fiction

"The best nautical story I have read since I turned the last page of The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey by Patrick O'Brian near a decade ago." —A Fair Substitute for Heaven

"If you like a good story of exploration, adventure and piracy, this is a good book to check out." —The Book Stop

From The Bronx to Berchtesgaden
The Combat Memoir of a WW II Hero

by Murray Soskil

Posted: Jun 8, 2012

From The Bronx to Berchtesgaden"Sixteen boats were spread out along a hundred yards of river bank. Some were in shallow water, making it necessary to wade in the mud before we could get into the boats and shove off. An engineer tried to start the motor but it sputtered and died. Some men used their rifle butts to paddle while others bailed water with their helmets. We were receiving machine-gun fire and mortar shells were dropping around us. Many boats had holes in their sides and water kept leaking in. Of the sixteen boats we started with, only six reached the far bank."
From The Bronx to Berchtesgaden

Murray Soskil is the recipient of two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star, and six Battle Stars for service in southern France and Germany. As a dogface soldier, he fought from the Colmar Pocket, through the Vosges Mountains, and on to Nuremburg and Munich. Along the way the 3rd Division liberated two concentration camps and captured Hitler's private mountain retreat in Berchtesgaden. His memoir is testimony to the bravery of American servicemen in the face of evil.

Castaway on Temurlone

by David Wesley Hill

Posted: Sep 1, 2011

Castaway on Temurlone by David Wesley Hill

"Castaway on Temurlone is a delicious blend of the galactic everyday and the truly exotic."
James Gunn, author of Station in Space and The Immortals

Temurlone Press is proud to announce the publication in paperback, Nook, and Kindle format of the rollicking science fiction space opera, Castaway on Temurlone, by David Wesley Hill, the first book of the Universe of Miracles trilogy.

It is indeed a Universe of Miracles!

But not for young Pimsol Anderts, idle and jobless on a depressed, waterlogged world, until he signs aboard the interstellar freighter Miraculous Abernathy. Indentured to the aristocratic Wirthy family—and bewitched by beautiful Mirable Wirthy, the latest clone of the long-dead matriarch Imogene Wirthy—Pim's adventure has barely begun when pirates attack, forcing him to flee the ship with Mirable in tow.

Suddenly they are castaways on the primitive planet Temurlone. Separated from his beloved by the Marvelous Flying Bicycle Men and doomed to hard labor in the Temurlone meat mines, Pim knows that nothing can keep him from the woman who is his destiny. He will brave any trial an uncaring God puts before him—escaping the sensuous seductions of the Man Mother, surviving the culinary horrors of the cannibal innkeeper Harmony Repute, courageously facing the threat of eternal toil in the sweatshops of Charming Corners—in the name of love.

With the original and satiric Castaway on Temurlone, author David Wesley Hill has boldly reconfigured the venerable space opera into an action-packed parable for our times.